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We are Tattvasrishti Studios Private Limited, 

a brand specializing in Photography Education, Products & Services.


To provide exceptional services in Photography Education, Photography Products and Photography Services.

Our Academy:

At our Academy of Photography, you will be immersed in theory and practical workshops, with our mentors guiding you throughout your learning process! 

Learn from experts with years of experience and a vast array of expertise in various fields of Photography! 

Whether you are an enthusiast just wanting exposure to advanced skills, or an aspiring professional photographer - at our academy you'll find workshops suiting your needs. 

From the very basics of photography to advanced photography techniques, our workshops are designed to cover everything you'll ever need to master the Art of Photography! Whether you are a hobby photographer interested in learning to shoot in full manual mode or someone who wishes to specialize in Macro, Nature, Wildlife, Fashion, Events etc. our academy shall help you hone your skills required in your chosen sphere of specialization! 

Directly enroll yourself in an Online or Offline workshop of your choice. Start from our Basic Photography Workshop and progress to advanced courses! Download and learn through our App on the Go! Learn Anytime, Anywhere, At Your Own Time

and At Your Own Pace!

Keeping up with the current trends in photography, we shall also soon impart training in advanced photography techniques like Astrophotography (Using Telescope), Under Sea Photography, Aerial Photography, Stereoscopic Photography (3D),

Wet Plate Photography (Using medium format camera, with collodion process exposed on a metal sheet).

As our students, you'll also get an exclusive opportunity to feature your best works on our Digital Magazine and in our quarterly publications! Get featured in our brand's Coffee Table Books / Magazines and earn lifetime royalties! 

(Terms & Conditions Apply)

Wish to learn for free? No problem! Attend our free workshops!

At Tattvasrishti we believe nothing should come in the way of pursuing your passion, not even money. We regularly conduct free workshops Online and Offline covering the basics of photography and advanced features. 


Join us to explore and master the Art of Photography! 

Check out our Photography Workshops & Special Workshops.